If you or a family member have recently been referred to a physical therapist, you may have some questions. How will physical therapy be helpful, and what should you expect during your treatment? We’re here to answer some of those initial questions and help put your worries to rest.

How Does Physical Therapy Help? 

Physical therapy is a practice in which professional physical therapists treat abnormal physical function. There are a variety of situations that might lead to the need for physical therapy. Certain injuries, conditions, and even diseases can be treated successfully using physical therapy. The goal of most physical therapy treatments is to restore function and relieve pain from activity. Sometimes these goals can be even more significant, such as helping patients avoid surgery for conditions that can be treated by a physical therapist instead. 

What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

There are many benefits that can come from various treatments, depending on your diagnosis. If your movement or activity is being limited, physical therapy may be able to restore the physical function being affected. If you are experiencing significant pain or discomfort due to an injury or condition, some treatments can help relieve these symptoms. Successful physical therapy can serve as post surgical pain therapy in San Marcos, or even help you avoid the need for certain surgeries altogether.

What Conditions Does Physical Therapy Treat?

As mentioned in a previous article, “What Is Physical Therapy?” physical therapists mainly work with bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. These parts of your body can be affected by a number of injuries and conditions. From injuries like runner’s knee, tennis elbow, and shin splints to conditions such as cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis, your physical therapist can work with you to develop a treatment plan that will help relieve associated pain and physical limitations.

What Should I Expect at a Physical Therapy Appointment?

The first visit to your physical therapist will likely be to assess your physical therapy needs. Doing so will help you and your physical therapist work out a treatment plan that’s right for you. Physical therapy treatments are centered on the patient and their needs, so communicating your pain, symptoms, and expected goals are important in your first appointment and during ongoing treatment.

After your initial visit, additional appointments with your physical therapist will be scheduled to work toward pain relief, if that is the issue, and improvement of physical function. Treatment will follow the plan you and your physical therapist decided on, so you won’t run into surprises.

How Do I Find a Physical Therapist in San Marcos, TX?

Finding the right physical therapist for you is an important part of beginning your journey toward recovery. Professional physical therapists must be trained and licensed. In addition, you should find a physical therapist that you feel comfortable communicating with, as clear discussion of your treatment is an important part of recovery.

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