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How does mental health come into play with Physical Therapy?

Simple tasks become exhausting efforts and being in the moment becomes compromised by our inability to be as we once were. This will definitely have the potential to impact our mental health as we start to get down ourselves thinking “Why can’t I, what’s wrong with me, is this my new way of life?”  Here at Limitless, we try to knock down that barrier to the best of our ability with heartfelt communication between provider and patient. We don’t just treat your injury, we cater to your soul and your spirit. We just try to do the right thing and be decent people to people who are in need. 

How will Physical Therpay help me?

Physical Therapy will help you by giving you the tools you need and the information necessary to look out for yourself. We hope to design a useful home exercise program that gives you the knowledge and confidence to continue your care independently. Under the watchful eye of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, you should expect to make strides in your recovery. 

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is an effective and safe modality we use at Limitless Physical Therapy to treat soft tissue dysfunction. The dry needle allows the health care professional to manipulate and release trigger points. This helps to reduce pain, improve mobility, and restore your function. We often integrate dry needling with exercises to help improve your chances of long-term success.

Is dry needling painful?

Every patient is unique to their sensitivity to all techniques.  This goes for soft tissue massage, cupping, IASTM, and soft tissue manipulation. The same goes for dry needling.  Most patients report soreness the day of the needling and at times 1-2 days following the session. Most patients report progress with each treatment. Clinically our providers have seen most patients report long-term success of dry needling following 4-6 weekly sessions. 

Is dry needling covered by insurance?

Not at this time, however, we often integrate it into your customized plan of care to help treat your pain and injury. We offer cash rate options for patients who only want to receive dry needling.

What is IASTM?

The use of high-quality surgical stainless steel tools used by a professional therapist for loosening fascial structures. The tools assist in mobilizing the fascial soft tissue, decreasing pain, restoring function, reducing inflammation, and improving your mobility.

How does a Doctor of Physical Therapy determine if IASTM is necessary?

As with any modality that Limitless Physical Therapy offers, it all starts with safety and proper communication between the patient and therapist. It is crucial to remember that proper exercise is the key to helping patients return back to their prior limits, but these tools assist our therapist and patient along the way. The doctor will determine the necessity for these tools during their initial evaluation and throughout your plan of care. If appropriate, some days your injury site may require a little extra help, a little more manipulation.

What is Women’s Health and pelvic floor therapy?

There are often many situations evolving around women’s health when it comes to physical therapy. For example, pelvic floor pain, incontinence, and difficulty recovering from labor to name a few. During pelvic floor therapy, we teach exercises to help stabilize and re-educate your abdominals, pelvic floor, lumbar spine, and diaphragm musculature. When appropriate we work to integrate full-body functional movements while strengthening to help you get moving again without symptoms of pain dysfunction. At Limitless Physical Therapy, you will work with a female Doctor of Physical Therapy who is certified in women’s health. 

Does Limitless Physical Therapy provide private treatment if needed?

Yes, we offer our patients a private and safe treatment environment located in San Marcos, TX. If needed, we have private rooms to make your physical therapy experience comfortable.

Does Limitless Physical Therapy treat Workers Compensation/occupational health injuries?

Yes. Limitless Physical Therapy and Wellness specializes in occupational health injuries. We currently work with several key companies around the area such as many of the large manufacturing companies, Amazon, and Texas State University. These establishments have come to see us as a trusted resource when it comes to getting employees back on their feet and working safely. We integrate an active treatment approach that minimizes workplace disruption and returns employees back to work quickly and safely. We treat a multitude of work injuries, such as trips, slips, falls, being struck by or caught in moving machinery, vehicle-related accidents, and repetitive stress and overexertion injuries.  

Does Limitless Physical Therapy offer Functional Capacity Evaluations?

Yes. These exams determine the readiness and willingness of potential employees be it employment prescreening or upon finalized evaluation of injury/recovery to ensure the patient is ready to resume work again safely. 

Where is Limitless Physical Therapy located?

Limitless Physical Therapy and Wellness has two locations in Texas! Our San Marcos and New Braunfels locations are eager to assist you in feeling your best. Contact us today to request an appointment.

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I had suffered a back injury for over 2 yrs and had tried many different treatments without successfully eliminating my pain. Dr. Henderson was not only able to provide the pain relief I’d been looking for but also helped me get to a point of being physically active and able to do high-intensity workouts again. His knowledge and techniques in Physical Therapy are superior and have made a tremendous difference in my ability to live a full life. - Nalissa S.

I cannot praise Dr. Henderson’s skills highly enough. Before I started working with him, I had been to four MDs, worked with two other physical therapists, and seen a chiropractor. After wasting thousands of dollars on expensive scans and painful procedures, I had lost hope.Rob helped me when no one else could. Not only is he skilled, but he really cares about his patients. He listens to me and answers all my questions. He treats me like an intelligent person. Thank you, Rob, for helping me get my life back. - Caroline M.

Before I went to Dr.Robert Henderson, I had Vertigo and was experiencing extreme dizziness. I went to several doctors, and none of the suggested treatments worked. I had given up. Dr.Robert Henderson changed that. After my first few sessions, I felt better, and the vertigo is gone. I highly recommend Dr. Robert Henderson for his caring and professionalism in my goal of getting better. - Heather H.

Upon meeting Dr. Henderson and having him put together a customized plan for me, I began to feel better. He listens attentively, cares about his patients, and truly wants you to accomplish your goals. To this day, I still see Dr. Henderson when I have occasional tightness or burning in my hamstrings. After a quick session of hands-on therapy and Graston therapy, I am able to run again. I can say Dr. Henderson is truly my #1 RECOMMENDED, 5-Star Physical Therapist, and would NOT recommend anyone else before him. I can’t thank him enough for all the help he’s given me and for allowing me to run/play football again without pain. - Chris H.

Dr. Henderson put me on a customized plan of care and adjusted it accordingly as I became more comfortable with movements. When it was appropriate, we ramped up our rehab, and he began to challenge me. Dr. Henderson is by far the best physical therapist I've ever worked. Simply put I trusted Robert with getting my Achilles back to full strength. I have worked with countless trainers and rehabs doing a myriad of different types of training over the course of my life. Robert is one of the smarter, kinder people I have encountered. He's willing to learn new things to make sure his clients get the best treatments available on the market. - Brett H.